Gambaran Resiliensi Ibu Dewasa Madya Yang Memiliki Anak Penyandang Severe Intellectual Disability

Rinaldi, Cynthia (2012) Gambaran Resiliensi Ibu Dewasa Madya Yang Memiliki Anak Penyandang Severe Intellectual Disability. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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Individual with severe intellectual disability needs lifelong help with personal care tasks and likely to have little or even no speech. Parents who have child with severe intellectual disability will face such as physical, emotional, and financial problems. Parents, especially mothers, who fully involve in daily care of the disabled child somehow can find some positive factors from the disabled condition through the development of resilence. Resilience is the capacity of individuals to cope well and adapt with adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress. The subjects of this research are three middle adulthood mothers aged 40 to 65. The method used was qualitative with in-depth interview between February 2012 until May 2012. The result of this research showed the overview of resilience according to dimension, factors, sources, and advantages. The common risk factors of three subjects are physical and emotional. The common protective factors of three subjects come from family, personal attribute, and community. The common resilience factors of three subjects are emphaty, self-efficacy, and reaching out. the common resilience sources of three subjects are external supports, individual capacity, and social relationship. The common resilience advantages of three subjects are overcoming and reaching out. The result also showed that development of resilience begins with acceptance.

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