Hubungan Pola Asuh Orangtua Dengan Self-Esteem Remaja Tunarungu

Priatna, Widya Ekanika (2014) Hubungan Pola Asuh Orangtua Dengan Self-Esteem Remaja Tunarungu. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Tarumanagara.


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During the development of the adolescent, lots of new things that would like to be known by teenagers, one of them is high curiosity among one another which makes teenagers should be interacting with other teenagers to be able to feel it. There are several things that affect the interaction processes in adolescents, one of them is Self Esteem. Self-esteem is individual assessment of their own honor and felt that they are worth. In the process of adolescent development, there is one thing that influences the development of self-esteem which is parenting. Parenting is how parents take care of their children, guiding and maintaining so that the children can grow well. The purpose of this study is to see the level of significance between parenting parents with self-esteem of deaf adolescents. The results of the study between parenting and self-esteem of deaf adolescents have positive relationships with the data r = 246.902. Significance = 0.032 < 0.05. This means that there are significant and positive relationships between parenting and self-esteem. In other words, the better of parenting system, the better self-esteem of deaf adolescents. The better of self-esteem, the better of parenting system.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Subjects: Skripsi/Tugas Akhir > Fakultas Psikologi
Divisions: Fakultas Psikologi > Psikologi
Date Deposited: 01 Feb 2019 08:54
Last Modified: 01 Feb 2019 08:54

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